The explosive growth of free ad-supported online TV is an opportunity that has been largely ignored by vMVPDs. The one exception is Sling TV, whose Stay in & SLING initiative has been embraced by a sheltering-in-place public hungry for news and entertainment.

Most vMVPDs ignoring free online TV opportunity

It is no secret that ad-supported online TV is experiencing extraordinary growth, which is only accelerating as people shelter in place. However, it is surprising that established online TV providers have not stepped up to participate. Quite the reverse in some cases. Hulu was founded on the idea of free ad-supported viewing but withdrew the option in August 2016. The one exception among the vMVPDs is the founder of the category, SLING TV.

SLING TV launched a free tier of service mid-2018. The initial offering included over a hundred hours of popular TV shows and movies. Since then, the service has steadily added more content to the free tier, including live broadcast channels.

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