Consumers’ views of social advertising has either remained flat or declined in the past year. According to a recent study released by Sprout, 27% of consumers said their opinion of social ads has declined and they tend to scroll right past this media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The reason for this decline in perception is often attributed to uninteresting content, 31%, and irrelevant content, 26%.

But there are still ways for retailers to capture the attention of consumers, as 41% of respondents said that entertaining content makes them more likely to engage with a social ad. The next most popular reason for reading an ad is an offer or discount, 37%, followed by something educational, 33%.

Of course, the percentages skew according to generation, as entertainment topped the reasons millennials and Gen Xers tune into these ads, discounts were the top reason for baby boomers. The second most popular motivator for baby boomers was education, with entertainment not coming into play until third place.

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